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Values: Why They Matter For Your Business

Values are the reasons you do what you do. They are the foundation of your decisions and determine your vision and goals. They do not change. Whether you realize it or not, you have them as an individual and as an organization.

Our values at Barr Photography are:

Serve God.

Serve our families.

Serve our clients.

Thus, every decision we make supports those values. We strive to find vendors and team members who support those values as well.

Shared Values

Fat Cats has been a client of ours for several years, and we’ve learned a lot from their whole team. Fat Cats clearly exemplifies their values as defined on their website:

P - Passionate- "I am enthusiastic"

R - Respect- "I respect myself and others"

I - Integrity- "I do the right thing"

D - Disciplined- "I strive for excellence"

E - Empowered- "I make a difference everyday"

These values aren’t identical to ours, but they align really well. And they don’t just talk the talk. Each member of their team has demonstrated these values towards us, so we trust Fat Cats to treat us with their values and make us more successful.

No Two Alike

Of course, there’s no perfect match. Every organization you meet will have a slightly different take on things, and that’s how we learn from one another and grow. It’s still important to be open-minded and adjustable to the needs of others.

Keep this in mind when developing your marketing strategy, putting teams together, collaborating with others, or accepting work. If someone in your professional circle seems to want a different direction than you, see if you can work together to find a solution that utilizes both of your strengths.

Your Business’ Values

It can be helpful to avoid major discrepancies in your professional life, personal life, and all of your collaborations with others. But it’s just as important to be flexible and celebrate the relationships that take you far!

Have you defined your businesses values? How have your values (or lack thereof) affected your impact on others?

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