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How to 10X Your Business Video Production and Video Marketing Efforts

What if your video content was more of a fizzle than a sizzle? By now, most businesses have realized that video content is the way of the future. And that's why so many companies now focus on business video production. However, some videos are likelier to drive customers away than bring them in. To get the most out of video content, you need to know how to 10X your video marketing efforts. Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn the hottest and most effective strategies.

Vlog It Up

Ten years ago, blogs were all the rage. Now, vlogs are the new hotness. Vlogs help your company appear more honest and human. Instead of a cinematic video, a vlog usually just features someone from the company giving updates or going over important info.  Such content is quick and easy to produce. And the final product is something your audience will trust more than a traditional advertisement or ultra-polished video. Vlogging has driven countless influencers to viral video success, and it can work just as well for a company CEO.

What's In A Name? Everything

How much effort do you put into titling your current videos? Whatever the answer, you're going to need to try a bit harder in order to win customers over. Let's face it: your customers have literally thousands of other videos vying for their attention every day. In order to get a click, your own video needs to have a provocative title that sparks genuine curiosity. The title may involve a rhetorical question, like "What If Your Business Is Doomed To Fail?" Or it may spark curiosity through a simple statement such as "Welcome To Your 2021 Survival Kit." Think about what drives your own online clicks and use that philosophy to name your videos.

Company Culture Unleashed

Here is some unexpected content your customers crave: a peek behind the scenes at your company culture. Customers trust companies they can relate to on some level. But the "About Us" section of your website doesn't really let them know who you are. That's why company culture videos are so popular. These might include interviews with staff, videos of surprise birthday parties, and even videos about elaborate office pranks. When customers see the humor and human beings behind your company, they are likelier to trust you with their business. And, of course, likelier to click on future videos.

Make Those Seconds Count

Let's say you got someone to click on your video thanks to a cool title. How likely are they to watch until the end? This is a bit like the bounce rate for your website. You want to do whatever you can to minimize how many people quickly bail on your videos. That's why you need to make the first 3 seconds of your video really count. As Facebook discovered, 45% of users who watch those first 3 seconds are likely to watch, at a minimum, another 30 seconds. Try to fill those first 3 seconds with things like quick cuts, vibrant colors, and creative edits. If you hook them immediately, you can keep them that much longer. 

Business Video Production: Taking It To Another Level

Now you know what your business video production needs to do. But do you know who can help you do it? We specialize in all of your photography and video production needs. To see how I can help your people and products stand out, check out my portfolio today!

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