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HOLY COW - Product Photography that is UDDERLY out of this world!

When you think of product photography the first thing that comes to mind isn't necessarily a milk cow. Today we find ourselves on the farm with the Guernseys and jerseys photographing products in a new way… We were contracted by a local family run dairy for this shoot. Our goal on this project is to create content for their new web site along with content for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Part of this project involves creating video content which will also be shown on multiple outlets.

When we think of product photography our minds often go to the basic e-commerce type of image. We always strive to not only show the product but create an emotional connection to the product and the viewer. Product photography is about getting into the mid of the end consumer and speaking to their desires and appetites. For this D

airy Farm, their clients are all about RAW milk and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Once their website is live with the video content and product photography will share the launch here. Fun times on the farm!

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