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3 Keys to the Ultimate Catalog Shoot

If you want to be a leader in your industry, take notes from Maggie Sottero. The Sydney-born and Salt Lake City-based company has helped millions of brides find their dream dress. Their three lines were designed to satisfy three different budgets, reaching nearly every corner of the market.

Each season brings a rotating product line. That means dozens of new dresses that need to be photographed. That’s where we come in!

We’ve done several shoots for Maggie this year. The days are long, but the hours fly by thanks to the amazing group of people behind the scenes. We wanted to highlight three things the Maggie team does that drastically improve our time together. If you're planning a catalog shoot, take notes!

The Location

Every location we’ve shot at for Maggie has been beautiful.

For example, we did a five-day shoot in June at the Fifth Floor in Ogden, Utah. This space is often used for weddings and events, so it was a perfect fit for a wedding dress shoot. We loved the modern industrial décor and large windows that let in lots of natural light.

There was plenty of space for everyone to do their job such as prepping products, hair and makeup, creative direction, etc. The venue allowed for multiple backdrops and a variety of setups. Plus, we were right in the middle of downtown Ogden, surrounded by local restaurants, businesses, and culture.

We’re always happy to travel for our clients, but we appreciated that this location was close to home!

The Details

Guess what happens in a room full of hungry people who’ve been working all day? We wouldn’t know, because Maggie Sottero always feeds us well. In fact, they take great care of us in a lot of ways when we’re working with them.

There’s respect going in every direction, and it makes the work go faster and smoother. We strongly believers that serving the people you work with ultimately serves your customer, and the Maggie team lives that to the fullest.

The Staff

Maggie associates are great at working hard and having fun doing it. Everyone is clearly communicating and coordinating to make sure we all have what we need to get the job done.

Social media, web design, and the catalog team, for example, all need different shots for their own applications. It’s important that each department is alert and working together to get through the shot list.

It isn’t unusual to have multiple vendors on one set to maximize coverage. For this shoot, we worked alongside Harmon Brothers videography team, the creators of ad campaigns for the Squatty Potty and Purple mattress. Their sense of humor is just as great in real life as it is in their work, so we got along just fine. We’re honored to work with such talented people.

These three tips are helpful no matter the length or complexity of your shoot. By keeping these points in mind, your photoshoot will run smoother and be more efficient. When this happens, everyone is happy.

Thank you, Maggie Sottero, for letting us be a part of your vision and being the ultimate client. We’ve loved every minute of working with you and can’t wait for our next shoot!

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